Welcome to the virtual NTD Art Gallery, part of the Power of Storytelling: Global Youth Arts Festival.
The virtual art gallery is brought to you by Uniting to Combat NTDs and Youth Combating NTDs.
The festival celebrates the artist’s entries to the NTD Storytelling competition, with entries in multiple forms that showcase the artists’ creativity in storytelling.
The artists have been very resourceful in researching and including some technical aspects of NTDs in their stories, although the judging of the entries is focussed more on creative and compelling storytelling approaches than the technical details.
For more technical information about NTDs, please access the WHO NTDs website here and Uniting to Combat NTDs website here.
Please join us in celebrating these incredible stories by young people displayed throughout the virtual gallery you are about to enter.

We hope you enjoy it!

The artists exhibited within this gallery assert their rights as the authors.
Please always assign their name to reproduction of their artwork